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"A Natural Evolution of Traditional Process"

Author: Pamela Follett
Published/Copyright: Business Management Asia

Ask someone what a helpdesk or customer service means to them and they will most likely think of the traditional call centre. The helpdesk is the place to call if your computer does not work or customer service the place to call to discuss orders and pricing. Conversely, ask someone what "self-service" means, and .....

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Service Intelligence: Value-Added Compliance

Author: Richard Stevenson
Published/Copyright: The Chartered Institute for IT:
The British Computer Society's 50th Anniversary Edition

The BCS at 50 Love, hate, or tolerate: regulatory compliance is not going away any time soon. Rather than fear the beast, however, organizations should embrace the opportunity as a catalyst for streamlining business processes and achieving long-term cost reduction.

Industry Interviews

It's always good to know how vendors think and what their visions are for the future. This is an extract from a 2005 interview with CobbleSoft by David Sims, CRM and Telecom blogger for First Coffee and TMCNet:

TMCNet/David Sims First Coffee Interview, 2005

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Making Choices:
Empowered Agents or Script Junkies?

Author: Richard Stevenson
Published/Copyright: Contact Center Association

There has been little argument that outsourcing a contact center can have a significant financial impact - if one looks only at the direct expense and headcount. From an "everything else" point of view, however, there are many reasons not to outsource and/or offshore your customer support functions.

Ignoring for a moment how customers might actually respond to such a move, think about the loss of opportunity to cross-sell and up-sell; the almost-certain dilution of your intellectual property (IP); a failure to capture meaningful feedback; and a lessened ability to drive revenue-generating customer loyalty and referrals.

This article, though, isn't so much about making a case for or against outsourcing support as it is about empowering people - and what you stand to lose in the longer term if you don't (empower).

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