CobbleSoft is a privately-held company, originally established in 2002 in the Finger Lakes region of New York State. Clients encompass small businesses to Fortune 500 and Global 2000 companies spanning more than 120 countries.

In addition to our helpdesk and service management software, we're also the developers of SchemaSurf, the world's first ever web-based database tool (now officially retired) for Oracle developers. In its heyday it was downloaded and used by organisations all over the world, including many, many household names.

Connecting with CobbleSoft:

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CobbleSoft is 10 Years Old in 2012

As companies come and go in the ITSM and CRM industry, we've stayed the course and continue to pioneer with innovative functionality, We've seen so many of our competitors merge or taken over during this time, but we're pleased to be able to continue to offer you an indepedent product. Join us, and help us drive new and better best practices and frameworks so you can stay ahead of the competition.

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"... many departments within an organisation could easily use their own helpdesk"

What We Do

We design and develop service management collaboration software that provides a solid platform for your employees to connect: with each other, with your customers, your partners, your vendors. In short, anybody you care about who you need to help run your business. It's not just about helpdesk anymore.

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How We Do It

We started by developing the world's first 100% web-based solution, driven by the Oracle database. Our needs and experience came from real-world scenarios, real companies, and real people. These are the people who said we need flexibility; speed; power and intelligence, we need integration capabilities; a knowledge base; feedback. We need our customers to be able to update their own tickets - and Self-Service was born - the rest is history.

Now a significant number of our product enhancements are driven by clients and we're in an incredible position to respond rapidly to feature requests: which helps us to keep our position as one of the most affordable enterprise-level solutions available in every one of our 10 years!

Why It Matters

What matters? Being able to track defects, log bugs, service requests, manage change, resolve incidents? Sure, the obvious IT areas come to mind. What about "Where's the payment for my travel expenses?", "What's the status of my new hire?", or, "Can I add this ticket to the Knowledge Base?", "Can we add our training video to the Knowledge Base so only employees have access?"? Perhaps, "Did all our Gold Partners respond to the conference pre-planning survey yet?", "Can we add a new data selection field to that service request ticket type by lunchtime?"?

COIGN Enterprise Aren't those all valid questions that could be asked, routed and answered - with the results captured and stored in the knowledge base? Really, when you think about it, many departments within an organisation could easily use their own helpdesk - in other words, a Business Desk.

CobbleSoft Connect©, featuring COIGN Enterprise, remains one of the most open, flexible and intelligent enterprise-level solutions available anywhere in the world. We make it easy for you to create multiple help points - one for each department if that's what it takes to make your business run better. We make it easy for you to have automated, assisted and self-service help, from on-site, offshore, at-home or virtual agents. If you want to implement ITSM/ITIL-based frameworks, great, go ahead - it's easy with CobbleSoft Connect - people have done it before.

Want collaboration? Great, we built CobbleSoft Connect© with collaboration, self-service and the forerunner of social enterprise capabilities embedded way back in 2002. We also built it knowing that organisations will increasingly "go global" and require software that can manage an international environment. Really, our whole concept is based upon helping customers and employees to help employees - to help your customers: better, faster, and cheaper.

Why does it matter?

It matters. Seriously. You've got to be able to do business YOUR way, not always the way everybody else does it. To do that, you need support software that sits in the background, is easy to configure and manage, and doesn't cost a fortune. CobbleSoft is 10 years old in 2012, and during that time our software has been downloaded in more than 120 countries, by small business to some of the largest companies in the world. Isn't it time you raised the bar and took back the competitive edge?

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